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Clinical Services

Ingredient suppliers and brand owners work with us to develop high-quality clinical research studies that help to identify how ingredients and products work, to document clinical safety and efficacy, and to provide support for unique claims to expand their product line globally.

Our team of medical and regulatory experts will help guide you through the process of clinical trial design and trial execution. We collaborate with you to build industry and consumer confidence in your brand through clinically demonstrated safety and efficacy. As your clinical trials partner, the mutual goal is to make a positive difference in the global health industry – by substantiating safety, quality, and/or efficacy.

Commercial Services

A reliable clinical supply chain strategy is as essential as a company’s discovery program—making finding a partner who can help guide a comprehensive supply chain strategy and manage day-to-day supply chain activities, paramount.

Whether you need primary or secondary packaging of your clinical drug, storage, distribution, logistics, cold chain management, or comparator and ancillary sourcing, our team can meet the needs of every trial regardless of size, phase or therapeutic area.

More Services

We offer a full ecosystem of Patient Support Services for patients and their families during clinical studies. Our family-centric approach allows our team of experienced specialists to tailor their strategies to each patient. Support includes arranging homecare, transportation (international or local), reimbursement services, and even cross-border referrals to make new treatments available to patients – even when a study is not being performed in their country.

We take care of everything – the patient, their family, and caregivers, as well as any other key stakeholders – to minimize the burden of participating in a clinical trial and improving the experience for all involved.

Other Services

Protocol Consulting

Our team of medical and regulatory experts will help guide you through the process of clinical trial design and trial execution.

Site Assessment

A Site Evaluation Visit is conducted by the Sponsor or CRO to evaluate a Site’s and Investigator’s resources and capabilities to conduct a study.

Protocol Design & Development

A well-designed protocol is one of the most critical aspects to achieving your clinical research goals on time and on budget.

Regulatory Services

Our Clinical Trial Regulatory Services team can help facilitate a seamless experience no matter where in the world you operate.

Source Document Creation

Creating exceptional clinical research source documents is crucial for successful and well-managed clinical trials.

CRF Creation

As the CRF is the first place that the data are recorded and it is also considered source data you’d want an outstanding CRF design guide.

Data Management

We are among the best at programming or study collecting, cleaning, and managing subject & study data in compliance with internal protocols.

Subject Recruitment

Recruitment is a challenging aspect of a trial. Let us take charge of finding quality research subjects to complete your trial safely and on time.


We determine if patient care costs are the financial responsibility of the sponsor, another funding source, or qualify for reimbursement by third-party payers.

Staff Training & Seminars

The training courses, delivered by highly experienced professionals, focus on providing a good understanding of the lifecycle of a clinical trial.


What's Included

  • Subject recruitment & qualification
  • Data management
  • Protocol design & development

How it Works

  • A volunteer is assigned to a specific study group
  • Some volunteers receive the study drug while others get a placebo
  • We collect the data to determine the drug’s effectiveness.

Our Diverse Community

  • Hispanic, White, and African American
  • Adult , Adolescents, Pediatric
  • Culturally, Ethnically & Economically Diverse

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